We are qualified, licensed and experienced professionals and stand behind our work. We perform repair or service on your car with best possible effort, professionalism and attention to detail. That’s why we are confident that the service you receive is trouble free.

We do offer 3 months or 10,000 KM warranty on all repair or services carried out by us. No questions asked or to make you embarrassed.

Maximum Warranty cover will not exceed Parts or labour required to fix the problem. Warranty will void for misuse or modification of the system. Damage or failure of the systems due to accident or smash are not covered by our warranty.

Please note warranty on used parts is limited for workmanship only.

Statutory Warranties:

As a customer it is your choice where from you want to get your car serviced. There is no such obligation on the customer to get the new car service only from car dealer to keep your statutory warranty intact. We use genuine parts .

Here is what the Australian Competition and Consumer commission says:

To put the record straight, dealers cannot declare a warranty void if the buyer has the vehicle serviced by someone else. Under the Trade Practices Act dealers cannot limit their warranty obligations or claim the warranty is void if the vehicle is serviced by someone other than the dealer or its agent. The statutory warranty applies to new and second hand cars.

By Professor Allan Fels, (former) Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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