Transmission Service

We carry out transmission service on most makes and models; Automatic or Manual. We use the best quality oil in all automatic transmissions to make sure your transmission shifts smoothly without breakdowns.

Ordinary automatic transmissions typically needs service every 40,000 KM. If your car is late model then it may have CVT transmission which has much longer service intervals compared to ordinary transmission and require very special oil.

In general there are three service types for transmissions.

1- Drain and refill only:

Some transmissions such as all manual gear boxes and Honda has drain and refill. There is no need to change transmission filter or remove the pan gasket. This service takes less time and money.

2- Service:

In this service we change transmission filter and pan gasket in addition to drain and refilling the transmission with fresh oil.

3- Drain and refill only:

If auto transmission service has been neglected for a long period of time then its fluid become discoloured from red to dark brown or black. Alone servicing will not replace all of the fluid and requires flush of the system to replace more than 95% of the fluid. This procedure ensures smooth shifting transmission and bring it back to life. We advise this to customers after checking the fluid condition and transmission type. This procedure is costly and time taken but worth it as it gives new life to transmission.